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Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO, is optimising a website to improve its findability in search engines like Google. The website rises in rank thanks to the search engine optimisation in the organic search results of Google. This way, your website appears higher in the search results when you search a specific search term on Google.


What exactly does Search Engine Optimisation mean?

Search Engine Optimisation, in short SEO, aims to attract more organic traffic via search engines. How? By ranking higher on search engines like Google. Imagine you are selling coffee beans via your website, then you want people to find your website first when they are Googling “coffee beans”. There is a good chance they will visit your website instead of your competitor’s.

With Search Engine Optimisation, you optimise your website and search terms in a clever way to rank higher on search engines. The result: more traffic and more conversion.

How does search engine optimisation work?

The process of search engine optimisation involves many elements. There are numerous ways to improve your position on search engines. For example, by writing relevant content that is aimed at sought-after search terms or strategically using link building.

SEO is not a quick fix and needs time to grow. However, when your SEO strategy is on point and your website is optimised, you will attract a lot of organic (and free!) traffic to your website.

The three main pillars of SEO

Behind every SEO strategy, there is a clever plan.
We stick to the following three essential elements for a good SEO foundation:

Relevant and qualitative content

When an internet user searches for a specific term, they want to find relevant information about it. We use your website for this. By combining search term research and SEO copywriting, we optimise your website. This way you reach more users and direct them to your website. Exactly what we want.

The technical

The technical foundation of your website must be alright. Think of the loading speed, mobile-friendliness and installing the right plugins. This is important for both the user experience and Google. When the technical foundation is formed, Google can read your website correctly.

Link building and increasing your authority.

The more extreme (relevant and qualitative) links lead to your website, the higher your authority is. You can compare it with voting on your favourite party: the more votes this party receives, the higher they end up on the ranking. It is the same with websites. The more qualitative backlinks lead to your website, the more important you are seen as, and the higher your rank on Google.

The biggest advantages of
Search Engine Optimisation

A clever SEO strategy allows you to land a lot of extra – free – conversion in the short and long term. That is also the most significant advantage of Search Engine Optimisation. Here are some others:



With SEO you attract the right users.
They are already searching for terms relevant to your offerings, which means they are interested. These users will convert quicker.

You determine the budget yourself.
There is no need to invest money in advertisements or clicks as is the case with Search Engine Advertising. You can optimise your website and keep attracting organic customers using a fixed SEO budget.

A significant investment is often a one-off.
When you choose to optimise your website SEO and write texts, they will forever be on your website. These will only keep on growing in value. It provides a relatively high ROI (return on investment) and thus pays off itself. It makes SEO an attractive way to generate revenue, like email marketing. We recommend continuous SEO optimisations, so you remain one step ahead of the competition in your field.


What is the difference between
SEO and SEA?

Besides SEO, there is also SEA: Search Engine Advertising. Hier draait het om adverteren. Via an advertising budget, you can target specific search terms and show a relevant advertisement to the internet user. The main advantage of SEA is that you get direct results. The advertisements will appear right above the organic results and thus are immediately visible to internet users.

Whereas SEO focuses on landing unpaid traffic, SEA focuses on landing traffic on the paid route, using advertisements.

Getting started with

SowiesoDigital always pays attention to Search Engine Optimisation. We know how important SEO is and effective it can be, so our team of SEO experts will try to push your website as high in the ranking as possible. Curious to learn what we can do for you? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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