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Concept & strategy

What sets us apart from typical web agencies is that we don’t just focus on ones and zeros. The technical aspect of any digital tool (website, app, webshop) must be rock solid, but for us, your goals come first. Hence, for the Define-phase (step 1 in our 4-phase approach), we often coordinate or collaborate with SowiesoHelder’s creative-strategic team. Their team specializes in providing insight into the overall strategy, your target audience, and customer journeys. They also help determine how we can best achieve our goals.

It is good to build on that strategic foundation in a follow-up phase. This allows us to have a much better understanding of what technology is needed to effectively set up the website (or another digital tool) to achieve the set goals. Together with the online team, we will then work on the digital design, which can be regarded as a translation of your brand concept for all the digital tools you can deploy. Sometimes a brand concept has already been developed and we can translate the brand experience into a look & feel, tone of voice, (web) animations, and video & photography style.

Brand accelerator®

If a brand concept has not been developed yet, we can help with that too, for example, in a Brand accelerator® session. It is a unique co-creation tool that allows you to significantly shorten the realization of your (new) brand story. You follow a few clear steps, which range from the briefing to the final results. Afterwards, the tools can be produced at short notice. The greatest benefit lies in the joint approach. The agency and client work on the issue together for half a day, which filters out the unnecesairy back-and-forth from the process. Efficient and focused, that is what we love. Don’t put in unneeded hours.


Getting started with

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