Account-Based Marketing

Outsourcing Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to SowiesoDigital

Searching for big leads that can have an impact on your revenue? Let us help you!

A clever account-based marketing strategy allows you to land that one big fish. And in addition, a load of other new valuable leads who are curious to learn about your product or service. Our team can invest and help you get the most out of account-based marketing!


What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing, in short ABM, is a strategy that combines sales and marketing. The goal is to set up specific marketing campaigns to target a target audience or customer/account and convert them into a customer.

Instead of trying to reach as many people with your marketing activities, ABM focuses on one specific target audience or customer to land them using a personalised strategy. Account-based marketing allows you to really focus on what the potential customer needs.

Why is Account-Based Marketing so important?

Using account-based marketing, you can land customers with a high business value. These customers can provide you with a large share of your total revenue and profit! Besides that, ABM lets you manage current clients better and convert them into loyal clients who are keen to stay with you and recommend you to others. Win-win, if you ask us.

Advantages of
Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing puts the main focus on the personal needs of a specific chosen target audience or account. By paying attention to a personalised buying experience of this target audience, you hit the right note. The main advantages of account-based marketing, therefore, are:

  1. Personal attention
    by using account-based marketing, you have more personal attention for your potential customer. As a result, your message fits in better and thus comes through better.
  2. Better results
    as you communicate in a specific and personal way, the ROI (Return On Investment) is higher in account-based marketing than in other forms of marketing.
  3. Improved cooperation
    to successfully implement account-based marketing, the sales and marketing departments should cooperate well. It results in energetic and effective internal communication!

Account-Based Marketing & Hubspot

You can set up account-based marketing in an excel sheet, but a solid software system is strongly recommended. At SowiesoDigital, we are very content with HubSpot. It is a tool for marketing, sales, and automation that helps businesses implement marketing strategies and activities.

HubSpot consists of special ABM tools that allow you to manage accounts, create personalised content, and draw up a specific account strategy. It is encouraged to use the system to take your account-based marketing to the next level.

Setting up an Account-Based
Marketing strategy:
this is how!

A solid strategy is crucial to get the most out of account-based marketing. Hence our expert team always works following four elemental phases.

Phase 1: identify accounts
In the first phase, we research who can become your best new customers. We determine which accounts fit your business best and what KPIs to strive for.

Phase 2: gather information
Once we have determined the accounts, we gather information from stakeholders and individuals with a decisive or influencing function within this account.

Phase 3: create content
It is time to create the needed content that reaches and activates the account. This content must be relevant and interesting enough for the potential customer to take action.

Phase 4: launch the campaign
We join forces – from online to offline marketing tactics – to reach a potential client and do so in close cooperation with the sales and marketing departments.

After passing all these phases, we make sure we measure and analyse the results. If needed, we make adjustments to optimise the campaigns for more results.

What is the difference between
Account-Based Marketing
and Inbound Marketing?

A frequently asked question.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing revolves around creating relevant and qualitative content that interests internet users. These users, for example, search for a term like ‘search engine optimisation’ and see your website in the lists of results. When your content is relevant and powerful enough, you will pull them to your website (‘pull-marketing’). You provide these users with authentic information, create a bond of trust and eventually more efficiently convert them into customers.


Account-Based Marketing

Whereas inbound marketing focuses on generating a large group of leads, account-based marketing focuses on a few specific and valuable (potential) leads. Sales and marketing work together pleasingly within this process. On the other hand, with inbound marketing, the marketing department takes care of obtaining leads, and the sales department closes the deal. It does not mean that one form of marketing trumps the other. They complement each other! In addition, it may be beneficial to add data-driven marketing techniques to your overall marketing strategy, so that you use specific data for optimal marketing campaigns.

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