Email Marketing

Basics first: what is E-mail Marketing?

Email marketing implies that you contact potential clients via email. The goal of the email varies. You can use Email Marketing to make existing clients return to your website, convince potential clients to purchase something or maintain the relationship between your business and potential clients.

Only a few companies get the most out of their Email Marketing. A shame! The possibilities and advantages are endless. We list them below.


What advantages does
Email Marketing give
your business?

The advantages of Email Marketing are very interesting, whether you have a small or large list of recipients. By efficiently employing Email Marketing you can:

Directlycommunicate with the one you want to reach.

The personalisation options gives you personal communication, which allows you to touch and trigger the recipient in the right way.

Measuring results, a/b testing and making adjustments for a higher conversion rate.

Affordably reaching a large number of potential clients without needing to make enormous investments.

Profit of one of the highest ROIs (besides SEO) of all online marketing channels. Also important, recoup what you invested!

When is using
Email Marketing a clever move?

It is always clever. Whether you are in the B2C, B2B, or B2R market. Unless you do not have the time to send emails regularly, have no noteworthy news, or are already sending too many emails (irritating recipients in the process).

You can use Email Marketing for all kinds of purposes. The recipients in your list already know you or your business and, thus, are already (partly) interested Benefit from this!

Share your expertise and valuable tips, use customer testimonials to trigger recipients, or give newspaper subscribers an exclusive offer. It will convince the recipient to become a customer, purchase your product again, or recommend you to others.

The potential disadvantages of Email Marketing

Let’s get them over with immediately. You can use Email Marketing in a broad range. The only drawback is that recipients can regard your emails as spam. However, we solve that problem by offering relevant conent. See below for more information.

The three most significant
pillars for a successful
Email Campaign

Randomly sending emails is not the best way. You want to activate the recipient, not irritate them. At SowiesoDigital, we ensure that these three significant Email Marketing pillars are rock-solid:

  1. The goal is clear.
    We know the reason and objective of the emails we send. This should immediately be clear to the recipient.
  2. The content is relevant.
    Know your target audience and know what they want to read. When you know that, you can act accordingly and deliver content that is valuable to your target audience.
  3. Appearance matters as well!
    Only text is not enough. Hence our designers turn those emails into good-looking content that touches, activates and converts.

Why choose
Email Marketing
via SowiesoDigital?

At SowiesoDigital, we work with a multidisciplinary team. A team that consists of thinkers, doers, and go-getters. Everything we do revolves around sustainable growth and manageable results. Email Marketing included. We carefully listen to your request, bring in our best experts, draw up a plan & strategy, and get to work for you. And as said: to measure is to know, so we will continue until we find the Email Marketing that suits your target audience.

Getting started with

Want to know what Email Marketing can do for your business? Let us give you non-binding advice in a personal conversation!

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