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The user experience is an essential part of creating a well-run website. To optimise that experience, a user-friendly User Interface is of great importance! Do the pages load fast enough? Is the website easy to scroll through? Can the user easily navigate the website? If these functionalities are not up to par, the user tends to disengage.

However, the technical aspect is only one part of the story. The other part is the experience the user has when visiting the website. In other words, how do the visual design, moving elements, and call-to-actions affect the user’s experience?

If all these parts are optimised, the user is more likely to proceed with the conversion. And that is, of course, what we aim to achieve. Our expert team has the digital knowledge, skills, and years of experience to level up your User Interface Design.


Back to the basics: what exactly is a User Interface Design?

First things first.

A User Interface Design or UI Design aims to design a logical, clear, and attractive website that users easily navigate. UI Design includes the whole process that comes with designing a user-friendly interface. And that is essential. Having an unclear, unattractive and illogical interface can easily cost you your users.

What are the differences between UI and UX design?

Besides UI Design, there is also UX Design. What we mean by this is the User Experience. Our UX Designers are mainly busy working on the entire user experience. They construct wireframes, test them on users, and check which call-to-action had the best conversion rate using A/B testing. Whereas UI Designers focus more on the interface and the graphics.

In other words, UI Designers are professionals in the graphical area, and UX Designers focus more on what that interaction evokes in the user. Both UI as well as UX Design contributes to an optimal user experience.

The advantages of
a strong User Interface Design

Een sterk User Interface Design bouw je niet zomaar. Daar heb je kennis en skills voor nodig. Kennis van usability principles, toegankelijkheid en gebruikersonderzoek is een vereiste. Onze UI Designers werken daarom vaak met elkaar en andere webdesigners samen om de beste interface voor jouw website neer te zetten. De voordelen?

  1. You generate higher conversion and retention:
    if your User Interface is well constructed, it guarantees higher conversion and retention. Visitors are likely to return to a website that operates well and offers a pleasant user experience.
  2. There are fewer development and customer support costs:
    a well-constructed design will have fewer issues in the future. The decisions you are now making in developing the interface will end up determining the costs and performance of your website in the future. Besides, a user-friendly interface allows users to easily navigate the website, and will not have to ask customer support for help.
  3. It sets the tone of your brand:
    the UI Design is a significant part of your brand. If you have a solid design that is suiting your brand, clients will notice that. And will be keen to return to it.

That is how we develop a rock-solid User Interface Design for your website.

Of course, we do not design a User Interface Design overnight. It takes time, knowledge, and determination. To create an optimal User Interface Design for your website, there are a couple of key elements to keep in mind:

The UI Design is consistent and correct

The UI Design has to be consistent. So if a user has to swipe right to access the next page, this must be the case for every page. Otherwise, the user might get confused. Next to that, the design has to be ‘correct’. It needs to fit your business, brand, and vision.

The UI Design goes like a bomb

An interface that performs flawlessly. That is what we guarantee. And whether a visitor is a new or a recurring client, the website needs to be easily navigated. Otherwise, you lose them.

The UI Design achieves its goal

It is beyond dispute that the UI Design fulfils your wishes. These are discussed extensively at the start of the project. Besides that, in particular, your strategic goals need to be achieved. More conversion, more newsletter subscriptions or more downloads? Whatever your goal may be, we will ensure that the design is suited to it.

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