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Digital communication is essential for a strong brand. As is an effective website. Within organisations, they have not always got the time or knowledge to tackle this adequately. That is where we come in, the highly experienced team of SowiesoDigital, empowered by SowiesoHelder. A powerful combination: from defining to developing, deploying and delivering. That is where the strength lies. Not just getting the technology right, but an effective website based on your brand strategy. With the focus on results.

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Four simple words. However, they can make a massive difference to your website. By not remotely focusing on technique, SowiesoDigital succeeds in creating websites that have reach. In the first place, being able to reach your target audience. And in the end, what it is all about, getting results. A goal that our colleagues of communication agency SowiesoHelder can help with by underpinning strategy, which allows us to take that basis further digitally. We define the optimal website. We develop it (technically and with strong content and additional tools if required). We deploy it and make sure that it is constantly up-to-date. And most importantly: we make sure your website delivers. More traffic? Leads? Turnover? Your goals are the focus.

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Curious about the digital work we do? Want to get a feel for what we do for clients and how they grow their brands? Here are some cases that will appeal.

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more than one million
users per year


SRO is an organisation that manages a lot of real estate in addition to the care it provides. We developed a new online platform for them.

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more than 6000 users per month


For Eurofins Clinical Diagnostics we developed an up-to-date website that bundles knowledge and generates strong leads.

Eurofins Clinical Diagnostics platform

number of visitors
increased by 400%


DAK’s new proposition. A personal assistant for financial advisers. For Binco, we developed both a corporate identity as well as a website.

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Groene Hart

1000 visitors on the first day

Groene Hart

Groene Hart Hypotheken is a completely new proposition. To announce the launch they needed a website within short notice.

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23K visitors per year


When you have been living in the same house for twenty years, it is time for a renovation. That allows you to create a solid foundation you can rely on for years to come.

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What we do

Formulating your objectives in a S.M.A.R.T. way allows you to create awareness for your website. You build effective websites on a well-thought-out ‘concrete floor’. So we first take stock of and invent the digital landscape. Think of customer journeys, touchpoints, content, activation tools… What is there already? What should be there? Qualitative strategic preparatory work proves to be a valuable starting point that will pay off later.


Digital design is the translation of your brand concept for all digital means. Sometimes a brand concept has already been developed and we can translate the brand experience into a look & feel, tone of voice, (web) animations, and video & photography style. If a brand concept has not been developed yet, we can help with that too, for example, using our Brand accelerator®. We cooperate with SowiesoHelder so that concept & strategy and our digital expertise reinforce each other.

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The construction of a website consists of two parts; front-end and back-end. The front-end is what the user experiences and interacts with, and the back-end is the technology behind it. From development to performance – and every phase in between – we use all modern techniques. The team is well versed in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, React, PHP, Bootstrap, WordPress and PHP frameworks such as Laravel. We have also developed our own tool for optimal performance.

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You don’t just want a technically sound website; you also want it to run smoothly. Good reachability, optimal speed, and GDPR proof. Our starting point is that everything runs well and without problems. In addition, security is also of the highest importance at SowiesoDigital. Whether it revolves around software updates, daily backups, or security plugins, we ensure that the security of your website is continuously monitored.

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And finally, because that is what it is all about: delivering. It starts with having a solid foundation, a strategically underpinned ‘concrete floor’ that puts your goals first. After that, the main focus lies on expanding your reach. So we like to promote your brand through online advertising, search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, email marketing, content marketing, and social media. We strongly believe in the inbound strategy, which we are keen to tell you more about. In short: gaining relevancy. Being present at the exact moment that (potential) clients need you.

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News & insights

Both the team of SowiesoDigital and our colleagues of SowiesoHelder are continuously on top of all the latest developments in the field of communication. Especially in the fast-paced digital world where an ongoing stream of new possibilities is prevalent. It allows us continue learning every day and improve the help we can give our clients. In addition to our expertise and digital support, we also like to share our knowledge.

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5 tips to increase your conversion rate


5 tips to increase your conversion rate

Every marketer is – if we may assume – driven by results. Because ultimately, you want to see your efforts have effects. A broader reach, more leads and an increase in sales. We show you a tour behind the scenes, or rather, screens: this is how you get started with conversion rate optimisation.

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NFT marketing, what can you do with it?


NFT marketing, what can you do with it?

Last year, Meta announced they were working on an – for many – extremely abstract environment, the Metaverse. You also hear more and more about artificial intelligence, digital art and NFTs. Online blogs, opinion pieces, and trend updates all contain an abundance of it. Does it still sound like gibberish? Then it is interesting to dive into it. These developments provide a bunch of new marketing opportunities. NFTs; what are they, what can you do with them, and how do you incorporate them into a marketing strategy?

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SowiesoHelder and Mediago launch SowiesoDigital


SowiesoHelder and Mediago launch SowiesoDigital

Digital communication is becoming increasingly meaningful for a strong brand. The demand for websites and online campaigns is growing at SowiesoHelder, and the digital business part is growing along with it. It is an excellent time to make the next step and merge the online team of SowiesoHelder with full-service internet agency Mediago.

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How e-learning makes a difference for companies


How e-learning makes a difference for companies

After two hectic years of the pandemic, the labour market is undergoing huge developments. A lot of people have worked from home or hybrid. It caused an increasing focus on organisation dynamics, such as internal communication, employee branding and recruitment. In addition, digitisation requires other skills. Hence more organisations invest in training or re-training existing and new employees.

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