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Our deploying service

Developing a website is one thing, but ensuring your website is always easily accessible and loaded quickly afterwards is another. Together with our network partners, we provide servers that perform optimally.

These are continuously monitored, for example, when your online campaign attracts many simultaneous visitors or if your service leads to extra external attacks.

Via software updates, daily back-ups, and security plugins, we ensure that the security of your website is flawless.

Besides that, maintaining your website’s content is crucial to show your target audience the right content. It also helps to improve your position in search engines, as they attach value to an up-to-date website. Even in maintaining the content, there are concerns that we can aid with.


VPS-, Managed- & Cloud-hosting

All hosting is based in data centres in the Netherlands. In these data centres, everything caters to security, reliability, and speed: the locations are secured and fitted with redundant power supplies. The data centres meet the most strict norms when it comes to fire detection, air cooling and access management. Servers are kept up-to-date by installing all the security updates. The data centres monitor service outages and make back-ups. Doing so guarantees an optimal up-time of your website, application, or campaign. And last but not least, our servers run on 100% renewable energy.


We have the necessary hardware solutions to optimise security, but we also ensure that our software is secured against external attacks. For example, when we use WordPress, we take care of software and plugin updates.

Besides that, we use software to monitor & secure websites and produce websites and applications that have an SSL certificate on default. That is not only secure but also a must for good findability.

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