Allow us to develop your WooCommerce WordPress webshop!

At SowiesoDigital, we love to level up your WooCommerce webshop.

Or you might not have a webshop yet, and want to have it developed from A to Z. No problem! We are keen to pull our socks up for it. Preferably with WooCommerce. Whether you are a small webshop with a couple of hundred products or one of the major players on the market with a complex webshop. WooCommerce suits both of those.


WooCommerce… what is it exactly?

WooCommerce is a webshop plug-in for your WordPress website. It is easy to use! With WooCommerce, you can do anything. Managing your products is straightforward, and you have the ability to link other platforms and software systems to your WooCommerce webshop. The possibilities are endless.

What are the advantages of WooCommerce?

As stated earlier WooCommerce is easy to use. However, that is not WooCommerce’s only advantage:

  • WooCommerce is very scalable
  • There are relatively low shop costs.
  • You can make a bunch of software links.
  • Installing the webshop is done rapidly, allowing you to immediately get started with it.
  • And you can easily deploy and manage the webshop yourself.

Everything you need for a conversion-orientated webshop.

A website is nothing without its users. And, therefore, possible clients.

Hence it is crucial that your findability using Search Engine Optimization is good, and that you possibly use the advertising opportunities via Search Engine Advertising. That is how you drive (relevant) traffic to your website. After your website gains users, you will want to get the highest conversion rate possible.

Using our team of ambitious and professional experts, we give everything we have to make your webshop convert optimally. The essential basic elements of your website should check out; functionalities have to run perfectly; the structure of the pages has to be logical, and both the visuals and the copy should guide the user to the call-to-action (CTA). So the total package should be rock-solid.

Hence we work together internally with professionals in UI Design, UX Design, Web design, SEO, and SEA. That is how we know that we certainly make the best of your webshop.

We build a WooCommerce webshop this way

Even though installing WooCommerce is easy, the webshop does have to be built upon a clever plan. Without a plan, we skip a vital foundation. To work on your WooCommerce webshop we do the following:

  1. We create a plan:
    what should the webshop sell? What page structure should it have? How will the webshop look visually? What demands and functionalities are required?
  2. We install WooCommerce:
    we, of course, do so using the right hosting package, your domain name, and an SSL certificate.
  3. We design your webshop:
    the fun part! We choose the theme, create catchy pages (or load your existing pages) and make sure the webshop runs flawlessly.

Curious to see how we can make a conversion-orientated webshop for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Getting started with

We can not think of a reason not to work with WooCommerce. Curious to learn what we can mean for your website and webshop? Contact us today!

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