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Creating a WordPress website or webshop via SowiesoDigital

At SowiesoDigital, we are huge fans of WordPress websites and WordPress webshops. Why? WordPress is easy to use, search engine-friendly, well secured, and has a lot of plugins. Need we say more? Fine… one more: WordPress is open source. That is why developments and improvements happen continuously, which you can profit from.

This is, of course, also the case with WordPress webshops. We like to work with the WooCommerce plugin, as it effectively optimises the conversion of your WordPress webshop.


Do you choose a custom-made
or a standard

A good question. For smaller webshops, the standard package can be a great option. Choosing a package is cheaper, lets you pick ready-made templates, and allows you to manage all tools in it yourself.

There is no doubt that a custom-made webshop costs more.

However, it also offers you more possibilities. A custom-made webshop has the following advantages:

  • You can decide the design from A to Z.
  • Your webshop has good findability on online search engines.
  • Your webshop suits your business and target audience.

And that are only a few of the advantages. There is something to be said for both options (custom-made or standard package). Can you not figure out the best choice for you? We are keen to advise you in a non-binding consultation!

The advantages of
a WordPress website

As stated earlier, we at SowiesoDigital are huge fans of WordPress. Therefore, it is quite easy for us to name its advantages. These are our top 3:


Advantage 1: Ease of use
WordPress is easy to use, so it does not matter if you are a novice or an expert with websites.

Advantage 2: it is free!
To a certain extent, of course. However, WordPress is free to download, and there are several free plugins you can use. Costs start to increase when you want more variety and personality for your WordPress website.

Advantage 3: SEO-friendly
WordPress has excellent SEO tools. With the Yoast plugin, you get even more SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) possibilities which makes you easier to find in search engines.

Potential disadvantages of
a WordPress website

We have to admit that just like any CMS, WordPress can have disadvantages. These are the three most frequently heard disadvantages:

Disadvantage 1: Maintenance
It is important to regularly update your WordPress website. That is not a huge task, but not everyone is keen on keeping track of the updates.

Disadvantage 2: security
As WordPress is open source, everyone can add plugins to the system. It is crucial that you know who made the plugin, so you can make sure you choose safe plugins.

Disadvantage 3: fakers
Since WordPress is a simple system, there are hobbyists that claim they can create a professional website for you. Whether that is really the case is often found out when it is too late. That is why you should be critical and selective in choosing who to build a website.


Core necessities of a
good website design

At SowiesoDigital, we have all the knowledge to build your professional WordPress website. We guarantee that the following elements are rock-solid to get the most out of your website:

  1. Your website has a clear goal.
  2. Your website has a functional and responsive design.
  3. Your website is user-friendly and logically structured.
  4. Your website loads quickly and has good findability.
  5. Your website is optimally secured.

Our digital expert team knows everything about UI design, UX design, SEO, copywriting, and web design. By joining forces, we level up your website to the best version possible.

A roadmap to develop
your website.

We take the following steps to successfully develop a website or webshop:

Step 1: Inventory
In the inventory phase, we determine the website’s content. What is the ongoing structure? This is essential information to proceed to the next phase.

Step 2: Elaborate on the concept
In the concept, we establish what we want to achieve and express with the website. What is the problem we are fixing? What is the message? What are the core values, how do we communicate them, and how do we reach the target audience?

Step 3: Interaction design
With the interaction design, we create a schematic view of the website. It shows you where information is going to be presented, and how it should be navigated. In other words, how do the website and user interact?

Step 4: The visual design
The visual design is a kind of prototype that shows what the website is going to look like. To create this prototype, we use mockups and elements from the interaction design.

Step 5: Building the website
We will start building the website when you approve the finalised plan. This includes extensive tests based on functional and visual design.

We optimise the website where needed, and fix imperfections we come across. Then, if wanted and agreed upon, we train your employees with the placement of texts and images. By testing the website together, we can get rid of 99,9% of the technical mistakes (bugs).

Getting started with

Curious to learn what our experts can do for your business? Contact us for a non-binding consultation!

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