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At SowiesoDigital, we go beyond solely the development of a website. We take the time to get to know your business, outline a solution to your request, and build you a tailored site from A to Z. A user-friendly website, that has a great conversion rate and stays within your budget. We don’t do it for less.

Down below, we clarify how website development works at SowiesoDigital.


The different phases in website development

To ensure that we build the best website for your business, we go through a number of phases. During these phases, we will decide on the right technology for your website, that is future-proof and fits your ambitions. These phases are clarified down below.

The inventory phase: content & structure

In this phase, we try to get a clear view of the goals of your website, how your current website is performing, or how the market operates. After analysing the inventory, we create the concept, interaction design, and visual design.


Elaboration on the concept

Based on that, we establish a project plan that achieves your desired end goal. This project plan records the future steps, who is responsible, and when deadlines are set.

Interaction design

It is time for the interaction design. Via wireframes, we create a clear flow in your website, which allows users to navigate the website well. These are the so-called main roads of your website.

Visual design (UI/UX)

Next up, we develop the visual design of your website. This design decides what your website looks like and how it feels. Our team of UI designers and UX designers collaborate to get the best design possible.

The building phase of your website: the front-end and back-end

When the project plan, wireframes and visual design are in place, we start building your website. Our developers create content for the website and a responsive design that performs optimally on every device (from mobile to laptop). Different fields come together during this process:


Front-end Development

The front-end website is the front of your website. It is the part that the user experiences and interacts with. In the front-end development phase, the website is formatted following an earlier made visual design. Here we use modern techniques such as HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.

Back-end Development

The back-end is the back of your website. It is where the website is being built and is the technology behind the front-end. The back-end consists of the CMS (read more about this below) and scripts.

Choice of CMS

The CMS, Content Management System, is a system that manages your website’s content. Various systems are viable. For the back-end of the website, CMS WordPress often turns out to be the best option, as it allows content to be managed effortlessly and rapidly. When possible we use a starter theme developed by SowiesoDigital, based on our optimised code. We only work with a selection of trusted plugins, so we know how the website operates and can guarantee optimal performance. We use PHP frameworks such as Laravel or React for applications that have more functionalities.


Responsive Design

At last, we create the responsive design. This design ensures that the website adapts to the screen that someone is viewing the website with. It guarantees that the user always has an optimal user experience regardless of the device used. To support the responsive design we use the (Twitter) Bootstrap framework.

The test and approval phase: the first version of your website

Before we deliver the project, we extensively test the website’s functional and visual design. We optimise the website where needed and resolve imperfections we come across. We then train employees to place texts and images where we have decided.

By thoroughly testing the website together, 99.9% of the bugs and technical errors can be resolved. The approved version of your website is the last before the website goes live.

your website

As soon as the website is finished, it is moved to a live environment. Even after going live, clients can approach us for questions, changes to the website, or maintenance.

Measuring the performance of your website

When building the website, a variery of measurement tools (such as Google Analytics) are deployed to track website traffic, conversion, leads, and performance. It allows us to keep an eye on the goals from the preparation phase onwards. Links to the old page are redirected to ensure the carefully established SEO position remains intact after launching a new website. It prevents users from getting a 404 page (page not found) when searching on Google.


More than developing websites

At SowiesoDigital, we are not solely developing websites. We also develop webshops, online services, e-commerce, applications that range from progressive web apps to hybrid and native apps, and e-learning modules. We also have the internal expertise to provide tailored tools in (often) PHP.

See our complete offer of services on our development services page.

Develop your reach

A solid, user-friendly website is the foundation of a successful (online) business. Equally important is building your reach, reaching your target audience, and increasing your customer base. It can be achieved by utilising various marketing strategies, such as Search Engine Optimisation to improve your position on Google, Account Based Marketing to land big leads, and E-Mail Marketing to get the most our of your e-mail base.

Getting started with

Read more about our online marketing services or request a non-binding consultation to get a tailored advice.

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