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(Web) development by SowiesoDigital

At SowiesoDigital, we take web development to the next level. We take time to get to know you and your business, work internally with different development professionals and help you from A to Z with your development request.


Web development
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Technology is taken seriously. Not only the software but also the strategy behind it. We go beyond solely building a website, application, or webshop. The user experience is always our main priority and we guarantee that the product performs well short-term as well as long-term.

Our services in the field of development

(Web) development is a broad field. There is a lot of variety in the solutions we offer our clients. Think of creating an application, developing a webshop, rolling out e-learning modules, or setting up an entire website from A to Z. What you need depends on your request.

We use a variety of different techniques:

  • When developing web projects: PHP, in combination with HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • When creating mobile apps: iOS and Android
  • When making wireframes: ReactJS, Bootstrap, and Foundation
  • For links and data imports: SOAP, RESTful, and JSON
  • For version management: Git
  • For tailored applications: Laravel
  • For content management system: WordPress

To guarantee the security of our developed software, applications, and (web) tools, our developers and programmers check each other’s work.

Discover the possibilities in web development below.

Developing websites and webshops

At SowiesoDigital, the main focus is on user-friendliness, conversion, and the ability to tackle future challenges when developing a website. In practice, it means your website is running and loading fast because if it does not, it can negatively affect the user experience. In addition, your website needs to be scalable and be able to adjust to the future. And, of course, we take care of the security of your website or webshop.

Creating applications and custom tools

Besides developing websites and webshops, we also create complex software in the form of applications, custom tools, or software programmes for businesses. It can, for example, be a software programme that customers can use to book a hotel or trip. Software like this often has to be built from the bottom up. At SowiesoDigital, our developers love to dig into such a project. You can read more about it on our API development page.

Developing apps

When it comes to developing apps, SowiesoDigital can help you too. An example is progressive web apps, which is an application that combines the flexibility of the web with the user experience of a mobile app.

But hybrid and native apps are also part of the possibilities. A native app is an app that is made in its own code for a specific platform. A hybrid app is built on a solid foundation, which can be used to create separate apps for various operating systems.

Developing e-learning modules

Last but not least, we can also develop e-learning models for you. E-learning is an effective way to convey learning materials as a part of internal training, further training, and talent development. A SowiesoDigital, we love to work with SCORM, the international default for e-courses. SCORM is an abbreviation for Sharable Content Object Reference Model. By releasing a course in the SCORM layout every learning management system will recognise this course.

Read more about the advantages of e-learning and how you can use e-learning yourself in this article.

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